Making property Lemon Squeezy.

EzFeasy provides essential information when planning to build. The essential first step before you start that could save you thousands.

  • 860+ EzFeasy’s completed.

  • Millions in value unlocked.

  • 100’s of lemon’s avoided.

What is ezfeasy?

EzFeasy is a comprehensive report that aims to address the common questions and concerns people have when it comes to building projects.

EzFeasy helps you navigate local regulations, gain insights, make informed decisions, and ensure compliance with building codes. Covering key areas like size limits, setback requirements and necessary approvals.

  • Quickest path to approval

    EzFeasy will identify the simplest and most efficient way to get started on your desired building project, saving you time and money.

  • Easy to understand

    EzFeasy is designed to be easy to understand for anyone buying property. If you still have questions, every report includes a 15-minute Q&A.

  • Peace of mind

    A property is most people’s biggest investment, EzFeasy ensures no surprises when buying or planning to build giving you all the answers.

Our reports

Discover property secrets: smart development, no surprises!

Our comprehensive reports provides crucial details about your property or one you’re considering purchasing. This valuable information empowers you to make informed decisions regarding what and where you can build or develop. By avoiding unnecessary surprises, you can confidently plan your property’s future.

Frequently asked questions

Make property easy with EzFeasy.

If you have ever had questions about your site, EzFeasy has the answers. Our reports can provide valuable insights for your property and building enquires. See some common FAQ’s below:

When should I get an EzFeasy?

The earlier you know the answers the better. We can provide information before you purchase or if you already own the property before you commence the design process.

How long will an EzFeasy take?

We always do our best to get you your EzFeasy the next business day. During busy periods you can expect your EzFeasy in a maximum of 2 business days.

Do I need anything to get an EzFeasy?

Just an address! However, EzFeasy will be limited to the information available to us. If you have a Contract of Sale prior to purchasing or if you have recently purchased this is always helpful. We can also gain further information on your behalf if you choose to do so.

Can’t council tell me this information?

From our experience council will only give you a general answer and its not until after you have submitted a development application (and paid a lot of money) will they tell you about the controls that are stopping your approval. This is after you’ve fallen in love with your design that is no longer possible. An EzFeasy will make sure you don’t waste time or money. We review your property against council and other authorities’ controls to ensure your project is EzFeasy. Register to receive a sample report to see how it works.

How do I get started?

Click the project type you want to be assessed and follow the prompts. We can get you an EzFeasy within 2 business days.

Client Reviews

Hear what our clients have to say

Discover why our clients love EzFeasy. Read their testimonials and see how our services have helped them achieve their building goals.

  • Shayne

    custom creations

    We have all our clients gain an EzFeasy to ensure our customer experience is as smooth as possible. The EzFeasy identifies if the client’s property has adequate space to install one of our designs and ensures there are no surprises for us as builders or our clients.

  • Siobhan

    I have had an EzFeasy completed for a few properties I was interested in buying and lucky I did. EzFeasy Reports have saved me thousands. One property I was interested in was flood affected, meaning the dream home I wanted to build would not be possible. I am still searching, but when I do find the right one, I will make sure I have an EzFeasy first. It’s a no-brainer.

  • Bobby A

    We have had multiple EzFeasy Reports completed before finally buying a property. The property we ended up buying was exactly what we were after, we were able to subdivide the property from 1 into 3 and build three new homes. EzFeasy identified this even before we purchased it and ensured a smooth development process.

  • Damian

    I owned a property in Blacktown that a real estate agent told me I could build a granny flat on. I got an EzFeasy™ when I was about to start the design of the project and it identified whilst I had the space for one, drainage was an issue as my property sloped away from the street and didn’t have an easement. I ended up saving money on a design with a builder and now wish I would have got an EzFeasy™ before I bought it.

  • Luke & Corrine

    EzFeasy was fantastic in being able to delve through the complicated issues around the residential construction paths available. I found it easy to understand as a lay person, and Ryan from the team was very helpful in aiding with our decision making for our future home. Without EzFeasy it would have been next to impossible to decipher what we could and could not achieve in building our dream home.

  • Goran

    I have completed multiple developments over a few years and always got an EzFeasy™ before purchasing a site. I can’t tell you the number of properties we didn’t end up buying due to the information identified by an EzFeasy™. Luckily, the ones we did buy had no surprises we weren’t already aware of and ensured a successful result.

  • Ninos & Orhay

    We are currently looking for a duplex site, and it’s our first one. We decided to get an EzFeasy to make sure we didn’t buy a property that would not allow a duplex. We are glad we did, the first one we found for sale was in an area where the council did not permit duplexes due to their exclusion mapping. EzFeasy identified this and showed us it wasn’t possible.

  • Courtney & Mitch

    I highly recommend EzFeasy for their expertise in property assessments. When my family and I wanted to renovate our property and build a shed, they provided us with valuable information about our building envelope restrictions. Although we were unable to proceed with our plans due to the limitations, their professional guidance helped us avoid costly mistakes. Now, we understand the importance of obtaining an EzFeasy assessment before making any property purchases. Thanks to their insights, we are now searching for a new property that meets our needs and ensures a smooth building process. EzFeasy has become an essential part of our decision-making process, and we trust their services to guide us in making informed choices.