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I have completed multiple developments over a few years and always got an EzFeasy™ before purchasing a site. I can’t tell you the number of properties we didn’t end up buying due to the information identified by an EzFeasy™. Luckily, the ones we did buy had no surprises we weren’t already aware of and ensured a successful result.

Ninos & Orhay

We are currently looking for a duplex site, and it’s our first one. We decided to get an EzFeasy to make sure we didn’t buy a property that would not allow a duplex. We are glad we did, the first one we found for sale was in an area where the council did not permit duplexes due to their exclusion mapping. EzFeasy identified this and showed us it wasn’t possible.


I have had an EzFeasy completed for a few properties I was interested in buying and lucky I did. EzFeasy Reports have saved me thousands. One property I was interested in was flood affected, meaning the dream home I wanted to build would not be possible. I am still searching, but when I do find the right one, I will make sure I have an EzFeasy first. It’s a no-brainer.

“A Real Estate Agent Told Me I Could Build A Granny Flat“

I owned a property in Blacktown that a real estate agent told me I could build a granny flat on. I got an EzFeasy™ when I was about to start the design of the project and it identified whilst I had the space for one, drainage was an issue as my property sloped away from the street and didn’t have an easement. I ended up saving money on a design with a builder and now wish I would have got an EzFeasy™ before I bought it.

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EzFeasy isn’t just about reports; we’re about building confidence. Our expertise and detailed analysis equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions, ensuring your granny flat project is a success from the ground up

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